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Sheila DeWitt, Ph.D.

Chief Operating Officer



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Dr. Sheila DeWitt is an executive and serial entrepreneur with >30 years of experience in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. She earned her B.A. in Chemistry from Cornell University in 1982 and Ph.D. in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from Duke University in 1986. She is internationally recognized for pioneering automated and high-throughput chemistry during her time at Parke-Davis and has received numerous awards in recognition for her innovation and entrepreneurship. She has authored >60 publications and abstracts, created and delivered >20 short courses or symposia, and is an inventor on >100 patents and/or patent applications.

Since 2010, she founded three deuterated drug companies. She is currently the Chair, President & CEO of DeuteRx, LLC, the COO and Board Member of Neuromity Therapeutics, Inc., and a Founder and Board Member of RIFFIT, Inc. Dr. DeWitt has founded and/or led the start-up or turnaround of 9 biotechnology companies or business units, orchestrated $2+ billion in transactions, engineered the shutdown and asset sales of a publicly-traded company, and managed global R&D organizations with up to $30 mil annual budgets. Over the past 12 years, she has led the development and sale of three deuterated drug portfolios including the sale of Deuteria Pharmaceuticals to Celgene (Dec 2012), the sale of DRX-065 and its related thiazolidinedione assets to Poxel SA (Aug 2018), and the sale of SP-3164 and related protein degraders to Salarius Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Jan 2022). During this time, she raised >$10 million in angel and non-dilutive funding and delivered up to 20x returns to investors based on upfront payments and >100x based on future success-based milestones (not including royalties).

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