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Who are we?

Neuromity is a biopharmaceutical company led by industry veterans experienced in chiral switching and deuterated drugs.

How do we make
better medicines?

By substituting a hydrogen with a deuterium at a chiral center, we "lock" interconverting enantiomers in place and create superior drugs, a process called Deuterium-Enabled Chiral Switching (DECS).

What do we do?

We make better medicines for patients.


With DECS, we reduce development risk, shorten R&D timelines, lower the cost of development, and create new composition-of-matter patent protection.

This allows us to efficiently deliver life-improving therapies to the patients who greatly need them.

About Us


Founded in 2021 by experts in deuterium chemistry and chiral drug development, Neuromity was created to improve existing neurological drugs through DECS.

From Good to Great...


At Neuromity Therapeutics, we believe that DECS allows us to deliver the full potential of proven treatments, creating a meaningful advantage for patients in need.

Our Vision

Better Medicines, Happier Patients.
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